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Investor Relations
New number  610-767-8000,New website  Buses101.com 

 If a shopper is about to spend between $300,000 and $400,000 on a standard Motor Home. We would like to have the opportunity for this customer to see what we have done with commercial grade stainless steel passenger buses. No one in history has ever done this with a 3,000,000 mile chassis.

Our Goal Challenge
Can we create a bus conversion Motor Home that would compete with the manufactured Motor Homes in the $350,000 market? But yet use that same million dollar bus idea.

It has taken over 10 years to complete the designs and last year we started producing our first 10 prototypes. In the fall of 2006, we will be the first company in history to introduce a brand new Bus Conversion Motor Home using a remanufactured passenger coach chassis. Built to be new again and updated to the latest state of the art construction.

We will be introducing three models, each of these three models will have many options available. Our models will start at $175,000, $275,000 and $375,000. These coaches will be titled as newly remanufactured, so the coaches will have a new 2008 title.

A national chain of RV centers has expressed interest in representing our products. Again this will be the first time that a production facility would go into full production building Bus Conversion Motor Homes. Most dealers are franchises of other manufacturers, i.e. Winnebago only carries Winnebago and subsidiaries products. This chain of dealers has expressed interest in setting up new RV lots near their present day RV lots. This way they can offer their  franchise models along with offering Bus Conversion Motor Homes with the same price near those locations.

Our design process was to attract a customer who is about to acquire a $200,000 to $400,000 manufactured motor home.

We also have an endorsement by two celebrity personalities that would endorse our product at such time we go public. There is also the availability of a sponsorship from a National home improvement store.


Investment Opportunities

During our first quarter production, we will be mass building units for the public. Some of our investors have enjoyed the rewards of several different opportunities.

1. Sharing the financial responsibilities of acquiring our fleet chassis.
2. Financial assistance in the construction period of stripping and rebuilding these chassis.
3. Bridge financing from the time the sale is made to the time the customer takes delivery with their          finance company.

How does this work?
1. We acquire chassis at fleet prices. Our investor would hold the title and at such time the bus was sold the investor would be paid. There would be interest plus fees for the transaction. Usually we pay about double the average investment return.

2. After the bus is sold we start building the conversion. We would need financial involvement in the materials and labor being approximately 75% of the value of that model. Our return is usually double average investor returns.

3. Bridge financing, this is where we have made a sale and the customer has been approved by his finance company however this is only funded at the time of delivery. This investment would be to finance the draws on construction until time of delivery by the second finance company.

These are mere suggestions of the current investor programs we have.

Of course our first orders coming in from this dealer network will be approximately 40 units with another 40 following. These types of sales are handled by our standard floor plan program we have with our bank. It is the one off and the custom coaches that are not built in a volume that we would be interested in discussing an investor relation.

Of course we cannot divulge our current status and rates in this text. However if you have interest and would like to discuss this personally, one of our counselors would be happy to discuss it with you and of course, we do not solicit. For more information please call 610-767-8000 and ask for the investor relations department.

All of our models are constructed on a newly reconditioned chassis with all new power train and suspension components.

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MCI  9 Upgraded

First Model starting at $175,000 and up to $250,000 with options
96 wide 40 foot long stainless steel polished skins

Second Model starting at $250,000 and up to $375,000 with options
96 wide 40 - 45 feet long all smooth skins

MCI 102  with new 2008  "E" Upgrades



Third Model upgrade starting at $350,000 and up to $475,000 with options
102 wide 45 feet long modified power plant and many other options.


This is the new MCI "G" Model upgrade
prototype These will be ready for production of 2008 (not actual Image)

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