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Webasto Diesel-Fired Heaters

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DBW 2010 Heating System
Assembled in North America, the DBW 2010 delivers high heat output in every application.
  Specifications   DBW 2010  
  Volume flow of the circulation pump (l/h) at 0.15 bar   1600 (MP Pump)  
  Voltage (V)   12/24  
  Dimensions (mm; LxWxH)   584x205x228  
  Heat output Btu/h (kW/h)   45,000 (13.1)  
  Fuel consumption Gal/h (l/h)   0.4 (1.5)  
  Power consumption Watts   60  
  Weight (kg)   15.0



Webasto for engine preheat and interior heat

Engine preheat and interior heat.


Webasto coolant heaters in the heavy-duty truck market have assisted fleets, owner operators, and drivers alike by reducing cold starts. Made for reliability and performance, Webasto coolant heaters extend engine life. In addition, larger Btu/h producing heaters have the capability of providing engine-off interior heat.

Thermo Top
Thermo Top T
ThermoTop C
Thermo 90 S
DBW 2010

Webasto air heaters for added interior comfort.


Heating the interior of your vehicle is easy and very cost effective with a Webasto Air Heating System. Forced air from the Webasto air heater provides instant heat to the vehicle's interior. See the list below for the Btu/hr rating that's best for your vehicle size.

Air Top 2000
Air Top 3500
Air Top 5000
HL 90