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The Walker Coach
One Piece Blank Out  

"Using a one piece solid aluminum Window Cover Panel"


The One Piece Blank Out  

"Using a one piece solid aluminum Window Cover Panel"

One - 1/8" 4'x 41' long sections
No joints or seems anywhere in the panel

This special panel is made near Philadelphia, Pa just for our application

This is a Tempered Aluminum Panel cut in one piece

All one 40+' length to cover one side of the Bus at a time

No Panel joints or seams to worry about leaking!



"Due to the patent pending process... 
These blank out panel applications do not show equipment necessary for proper installation"


See the one piece in action below......

For both sides of your Coach installed...


Call right away reserve your production slot Now!!!



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Below are: 

MCI- 9,      MCI 102 A-3,      MCI 96 A-2 

with new
Walker  Coach one piece blank outs installed..


MCI -9


Walker  Coach, Inc.
Flat skins for your MCI 9 Click here


MCI 102-A3


With our exclusive one piece solid aluminum Blank Out Panel
We thought you'd like to watch our progression
Walker  Coach
  88 102A3 lft front.jpg (305247 bytes)  
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After we have removed all the trim and windows,

we inspect for rust....


....Oops found some,
but very minor

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Walker  Coach
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DCP03413.JPG (135198 bytes) DCP03444.JPG (127005 bytes)  

Now we start cleaning and prepping rusted metal,

Sand down, apply two coats of a penetrating rust preventative, 

Then apply two coats of a quality chassis paint. 



DCP03433.JPG (106530 bytes) DCP03445.JPG (106105 bytes)



This is a good time to add the cross braces where the old windows used to be.


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DCP03482.JPG (125085 bytes) DCP03484.JPG (121646 bytes)





MCI  96-A2

 96' wide but looks like the now famous MCI 102 also this one has only two axles...

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DCP02827.JPG (117762 bytes)

Walker  Coach

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We use 1/8" Aluminum, not 1/16"' like most everyone else. 


The do it yourselfer cannot install these panels because of the 
special equipment and skills needed 


We use Hi Adhesive Sika Flex Adhesive just like the new bus manufacturers use 

but our metal is twice as thick and heavy. 




Being thicker you have much 

less distortion during hot days



Also, by using Sika Flex, the adhesive moves some with the panel when it expands.

We went from Hundreds of rivets to almost none. 

If this is something you would like to learn more about, then call our 

Free Advice Hotline and speak to one of our engineers at our Allentown, PA Plant. 




EMAIL  us at Walker  Coach, Inc.


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Walker  Coach, Inc.