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The latest RVIA code says you now can use Romex 14 gauge wiring in a bus conversion motor home. In our coaches, we pre-build a distribution panel with all circuit breakers installed and wiring installed and coming out 2 ft to a pigtail receptacle. We then install pre-cut runs of 8 - 12 sections with switches and receptacle already attached throughout the coach. We simply connect them to the pigtails and mark what circuit breaker they are connected to. When the electrical system is ready, we simply attach all the runs to the load center, and then we're finished.  


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Large Batteries

Whenever you have an inverter, you must have storage batteries. We've tried them all: Marine batteries, golf car batteries, and even deep cycle automobile batteries. Because of the gassing, we've found the best method is not to have a pack of many singular batteries wired together; i.e. six 6 V golf car batteries can give you a 36 Volt pack. 
We've tried a very large singular battery designed to go in electric forklifts like you see in Home Depot, Wal-Mart, and large warehouses. We've found one of the better batteries in this industry is Deka. By using one larger battery approximately 22 inches high by 30 inches long by 18 inches wide to be perfect for most bus conversions. This battery, with an automatic waterer and the right charger, is the best way to go.   

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