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Flat Skin Kits Structural Repair Bay Doors Generator Box Steering Upgrade Radiator/Blower Box

sDCP02248.JPG (142156 bytes) 

This is a MCI - 8 converted from ribbed skins
into all new flat skins...
See below


Prevost styled front end on it

s405b.jpg (558818 bytes)

This is a link to a MCI 7
we did a few years back
but it does show
the Prevost styled front end on it

This is a MCI model  8
converted from ribbed skins

into all new flat skins with
an upgraded front and rear

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Front Cap, Letter board sides

DCP00579.JPG (118900 bytes)DCP00627.JPG (113907 bytes)DCP00628.JPG (112742 bytes)


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Aluminum Flat Skins 

Here at Walker Coach we have been asked to design and fabricate a better
aluminum flat skin conversion kit then the market available kit currently available 
through MCI or other bus manufactures.  Below is one of our exclusive
Walker Coach one Piece Window Blank out panel.
This panel features heavy construction practice, with the durability and seamless
lines of a full side bus chassis. 

For More information on aluminum Flat Skins see Walker Coach  
One Piece Window Blank Outs  .....

Flat skin Doors

DCP04554.JPG (103600 bytes)DCP04555.JPG (94331 bytes)DCP04556.JPG (94868 bytes)

DCP04557.JPG (112202 bytes)DCP04558.JPG (113169 bytes)DCP04562.JPG (111115 bytes)

Take notice of the rounded edges on the opening for the handle.... 
And the fine aluminum construction. Notice the uninterrupted glare
of the aluminum sides of this MCI 9 chassis.
This design offers comfort, security and longevity.

DCP04567.JPG (114355 bytes)DCP04563.JPG (103699 bytes)DCP04560.JPG (95056 bytes)

DCP04559.JPG (94785 bytes)DCP04561.JPG (112618 bytes)DCP04566.JPG (94440 bytes)

Letter Board

We install our exclusive Walker Coach custom fit aluminum side window blank out
panels to fit bus chassis such as the MCI 9 bus and the MCI 102 bus.
Here it show's we take a 45-50 foot piece of aluminum and rivet it to the inside frame,
and will later grind and smooth it to perfection. Each picture details a different phase
of the project. Notice the heavy grade construction, the smooth rivet less lines through
out the side of the Motor Coach bus chassis. Of coarse to complete this process the
MCI 9, MCI 102, MCI E4500 or any of the many chassis we manufacture,
the roof is raised at least 8 inches. The images  below are of the famous MCI 9 bus
chassis that went into service in 2004 as a full executive motor coach.


For More information on aluminum Flat Skins see Walker Coach  
One Piece Window Blank Outs  .....