Walker Private Coach

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New number  610-767-8000, New website   Buses101.com

 Hundreds of  floor plans to choose from !!!!

In order to Build a Bus Conversion Motor Home  that would keep the highest resale value we use a modular construction style.  It's our unique way of how we build our coaches . The finished product is identical to any other high end conversion interior  .

Standard side bed.jpg (40212 bytes)

"We simply just build it differently .."               

Salon, Walk-through bathroom, side isle bath,  Galley, Bedroom etc. 
Each of these packages come in modules for easier assembly.
However, these modules can be swapped.
These modules are based around the most popular designs in the industry



      "If you have seen it in any other coach,...
                                                                    Or if it's a little different we can build it..."          


This has Never been done before...
You walk into a showroom with four basic floor plans in front of you,...sit in them ,... then you get to swap all the parts around to design your own  floor plan, if the parts fit we can build it .
If you design something on a napkin there's a 99% chance we can build very close to it !!!


"These are just the simple basics plans ......
                                                                      all of these are designed  to be modified....."



Standard Coach

Day Coach

1. Bunks I  3 Bunks 1.jpg (652579 bytes)

1.  Standard I Standard Inline .jpg (38062 bytes)

Day Coach I  Day Coach 1.jpg (176130 bytes)

2. Bunks II  3 Bunks 2.jpg (99082 bytes)

2. Standard II Standard bed .jpg (139854 bytes)

Day Coach II Day Coach No Galley1.jpg (173679 bytes)

  3. Standard with cross Bed Standard side bed.jpg (40212 bytes)

Day Coach III 43'

  4. Side isle bath, no Bed  Blank Bedrm.jpg (15222 bytes)

Day Coach IV 45'