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2008    MCI "E" & "G " 
Model Body Style 
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MCI 9s Latest
MCI 9s
MCI 102 A_3 Prevost H3 45 Rare 35' Neoplan Eagle Buses 1997 Custom Coach
2001 Newell MCI 9 Standard Big Red 18" Raised Roof Neoplan Coaches Party Buses

Below are Two of our newest
2015 Prototype Bus Conversions that are
now ready to go into Production ...


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# 1,   MCI 102 C-3  Models with new 45' stretch

# 2,    MCI- 9  and  MCI- 12

This is our new Walker Coach, Inc. MCI Model "E" smooth Skin package  for 2008 ..
these particular buses are some of our latest  prototypes ...
The finished model will have a one piece bumper , front end with  door access to the spare tire ..
The rear end on both buses are  prototypes .. 
Our new  model will be a little different then this one  ..it will look  more like a  Model E MCI rear .with a lift tail gate ...see below at the MCI C-3 45'...


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More Images below ...     

# 1,   MCI  102 C-3  45' ....   102 " wide

 Converted and stretched into the new
   MCI  E-3  45' model look  .....

Remember, This is one of our prototypes . The black parts are
all new fiberglass parts that haven't been painted yet .
They  will all blend in together once painted





Note: all new LED marker, brake, Tail  lights,
One piece rear cap and our newest
Rear  lift tailgate model .


Note: the new Flush Bumper for 2008


This is our Test Driveway, it's over 10% Grade
You probably won't run over any more of a grade then this ... Also, our rear is about 2'-3' shorter then most average motor homes ..


Note : The all new  1/8" aluminum skins ...

Note:  The swing out luggage bay doors
            beneath the Slide Out....

 She's on it's way to the paint shop ..

Another Steep drive way test.....



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# 2.  MCI- 9 and the  MCI-12 


                          Both are identical Buses, 96" wide and 40' long...   



These are larger images of the MCI 9 above  ....

Introducing our version of the new
MCI "J' and "G" Model Coaches
available for 2008



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