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New number  610-767-8000,     New website    Buses101.com 

MCI 9s Latest MCI 9s MCI 102 A_3 Prevost H3 45 Rare 35' Neoplan Eagle Buses 1997 Custom Coach
2001 Newell MCI 9 Standard Big Red 18" Raised Roof Neoplan Coaches Party Buses Specials

Below are 1984 -1988 MCI 9's 
all have very good bodies and skins...

This unit is our latest super Special package

1987 MCI 9 With new motor .. " 0 Miles "

Here's a great starter coach ....


Motor Just rebuilt  new, coach is in very good condition
with very straight Stainless Steel skins, very good body
  Allison 740 with Retarder


Transmission inspected to be in excellent condition .

Get all holding tanks for free.....

Rides like a new one ..  

  Reduced from $24,000  to  $22,900.

We have upgrade  Kits to fit this bus ..
Ask about our  Discount 
plan for  this sale

Call our hotline for more information

These Two images are of a MCI  9 with the
new E model front end
and Smooth Skins...


Walker Coach,  are fleet buyers. Our inventory rotates all the time. If you have an idea of what you are looking for, let us know as soon as possible. This is just a snapshot of the fleet at any one time. If anyone has an interest in any particular bus below, just let us know and we will highlight that one. All buses are very straight almost no bad panels, no corrosion, good seats and interiors These are the better ones. 
The others have already been set up to to be rebuilt. We will be removing and replacing the engines, front cap and bi-fold doors soon.

The Buses with the square front caps are the '87 and 88's the rest are '83, '84 and '85 models. 

Don't forget to check out our specials page before you leave ...

Have you seen the
Neoplan 48' Monster ....

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Below  are 1987 and 1988 MCI 9's 

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Have you seen
the Neoplan 48' Monster ....

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Walker  Coach,
New number  610-767-8000,     New website    Buses101.com