Walker Private Coach

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2008  Walker  "Private Coach "

Come in and take a look inside

This is our 2008 Walker Invader  Coach chassis converted to be a private coach. Our Invader chassis starts by using a pre-owned stainless steel MCI commercial passenger bus chassis. This coach is not rebuilt, but 98% brand new manufactured. You have the first passenger bus chassis designed for millions of miles built from the ground up to be a private coach motor home. Our coach gives back 80% of the luggage bay for your personal use. We design and build our motor home chassis to be outfitted with utilities built into the chassis. This frees up all of your cargo space. Isn't that why you bought a commercial bus to start with?

This is a first class luxury coach with lead-beveled mirrors, imported Italian marble, suede and leather throughout, the ultimate in first class land-yacht craftsmanship. This coach has been designed to compete with the $750,000 coaches. Our prices, factory direct to the consumer, start at $350,000.

Walker Coach, Inc