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 Almost 1/4 Mile  

More images of  plant at Bottom of this page....

Click here for 2002 Aerial View of the building

Dear Fellow Bus Enthusiast,

Thank you for checking with us for your Bus needs. We have grown and are in the process of expanding in our new  larger facility near Allentown, PA. We acquired a 235,000 sq. ft. factory (6 acres under one roof) so we will be able to meet the needs of all New Bus Conversion buyers, Remanufactured Bus Shell buyers, and the do-it-yourself bus converters out there. Along with this setup we are receiving many good used buses to start our spring promotion with. 

The idea of this very large plant is to build most of our coaches here in the northeast, then display our conversions, conversion shells and easy-to-assemble kits at our service centers located up and down the eastern seaboard and with independent dealers in other parts of the country.

We want to offer a place where a bus friend can visit or even stay at the plant while his or her coach is being built. 
Remember, our advice is always free .

Walker Coach model 3301

You caught us at a good time - we have some really great promotions coming soon for our winter production!

You may have some interest in our prototype program. This program offers an unconditional warrantee and a written buyback guarantee along with same value trade-in for later. Our prototypes are more valuable than what you pay for them now so it's a win/win for everyone. We take a used coach, rebuild it to be new again, and re-design the looks to be a more modern 2008 model - more modern than any other bus out there.
I wish I could tell you we had a lot of literature to send but we still don't. Most all our information is now on the Website and then we usually make contact with the prospective buyer and answer his or her questions on a personal basis. We will be happy to call and speak with you at your leisure. Just let me know when you can talk and I feel I can answer most all your questions.
We have been building bus Conversion for over thirty years now, so there's hardly anything we haven't done to a bus, particularly an MCI Bus. We either bent it, broke it, or had to rebuild itů so we've covered a lot of area in our industry. I hope that I can be of some assistance to you.
Thank you very much for your support .



We are offering the following soon:


  • New production model MC 9s designed to look like 2008/2008
      models at a fraction of the cost

  • New production 2008 Bluebird Bus Conversions at 1/3 the price

  • New 1-piece fiberglass Renaissance front ends for MC 9s and 102s with full windshields

  • Pre-built one-piece Extended Rear Section

  • Solid Walls for Raised Roofs, 1/8th inch thick by 40 feet

  • Assortment of Shells Pre-readied for conversion kits

  • Cummins 400-450 hp retrofit kits

  • 2 speed rear end

Thank you for Inquiring about our shop locations in Pennsylvania,
South Carolina and Florida.


Our northern assembly plant is now up and running  ...

Unfortunately, none of our southern facilities are open to the public at this time . We are still in the process of combining our skills and talents with a national corporation. It's taking a little while but we believe by using our new modular concept, coaches can be built with a much higher standard of quality, more than 8 times faster, and at a great savings to the consumer.

Below are larger views of the factory 

Bus lot across the street from plant

Inside the Plant ,
Remember we are still working on Our Custom Coaches
 while we are remodeling the Plant  too....

Hot Air Ballooning at Walker Coach ....

Interior Gallery


Walker Coach Aerial View

235,000.sq ft. or 6 Acres of roof

The small buildings in the rear of  plant are airport "T" Hangers

This image was shot
6 months after we acquired the property . The fleet of buses had not arrived at this time .. ..