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The New Jersey Transit Authority maintains a fleet of over 3000 buses. In order to keep a fleet that size, you need to have a preventive maintenance program. One of the best things about an MC 9 From this organization is the fact you're assured that it had been well maintained. Another one of their biggest points is that all MCI buses were kept indoors when not in use. They had a program of rinsing their buses underneath during the winter so as to keep corrosive materials to a bare minimum. 


If you're shopping for a used coach to convert, one of the least popular buses to buy would be a city bus or a transit bus. The reason is that these buses are designed to carry people from one block to the next block and so on. All day long they stop, go, stop, go. Therefore this type of bus is designed specifically for this application. You will not have any luggage bays but you will have a very heavy chassis with a very heavy suspension and a heavy braking system. For this reason, as a rule, transit buses do not make a good custom RV motor home bus conversion. However, there are exceptions to rules. And one of the best exceptions would be a MCI 9 Bus from NJ Transit , and here's why: 

These Coaches are never used like transit buses. NJ Transit covers a very large area. They have a tremendous volume of passengers coming from the suburbs into the city. Therefore, their choice of their suburban passenger buses has become a special-built MC 9 touring coach. They take a standard MCI 9, modify the front cap for their marquee and replace the entrance door with a bi-fold door. They also modify the brakes and wheels to be heavier. Other than that, it's a standard built MCI 9. However, the NJ Transit system of maintenance has been such a proven system that in most cases a NJ Transit MC 9 for a given year quite often is in better condition than another MCI 9 of the same year.

The only negative that we've seen by purchasing an NJ Transit bus is that these buses were designed specifically by MCI for NJ Transit needs. The front entrance door is a bi-fold door, and the front marquee cap over the windshield is an unusual design. Other than that, the MCI 9 NJT chassis is comparably a little better chassis. They even have an improved windshield mounting design which is actually better appealing then the Standard MCI 9 Fiberglass mounting.

Ask us about our Walker Coach Bi Fold Door Conversion kits 
Designed to replace the Bi fold door with a Stainless steel
Sedan door frame just like the factory model


Whenever you buy a used bus, most bus dealers offer that coach "as is, where is". We want to offer the do-it-yourselfer a little security. Our plans have been to find a good chassis that may need a little work in the drive-train or in other areas. We then repair this work so as to make a good running coach. 

We are proud to announce that if you purchase a bus from us and have us work on that coach (i.e. raise roof, add extension, blank out sides, etc.), we will offer you a warranty that this coach will be in good operating condition based upon our knowledge and experience. Of course, anything we install new (i.e. motor, transmission, rear-end, etc.) comes with full warranty. 

Some people will find a super deal on an NJ Transit bus, even though they bought it on having to replace the door and cap, they still don't have a warranty.

We at Walker Coach, Inc. want you to be secure in knowing that when you drive a coach, a professional company has checked it out and is willing to stand behind it to keep you safe. 


1982-1984 MCI Buses

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Model MC-9 

6V92TA Detroit Diesel Engine
HT 740 Allison
Non Restroom
Bi-fold entrance door
Front Kneeling
Cable throttle
No fuel gauge
Transit style turn signals in drivers compartment
Energy absorbing front and rear bumpers
Electric starters
A/C system is converted to 134a Freon
Some will have new seat covers

More NJT MCI 9's

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