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Holding Tanks

Spin-On vs. Glued or Screwed-In Fittings

Our Holding Tank Fittings are all  Spin on,
Welded  together  .. The fitting is melted into the tank, then we glue to the PVC drains pipes ..
Bulk head screw type fittings seem to work themselves loose . ..
Be aware of the difference ..
Polyethylene and Polystyrene Plastics are difficult to Glue or to Clamp to..
You don't want your Black Water to leak ..


For years, we've tried all materials on holding tanks. We haven't found anything better then polypropylene tanks. We are one of the few companies in the country that built templates to fit an MC 9, then had molds built around our templates, then tanks built from the molds. Ours truly fit more accurately than any other holding tank out there. Lately, these custom built tanks have become more expensive. So after exhaustive research, we've found some standard chemical type tanks, built of the same material, to be just as good and cost half as much. Below you will see a selection of our standard size tanks and our custom design tanks. 

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Standard tanks sizes:

  • 100-150 gallon fresh water

  • 60 gallon gray water

  • 40 gallon black water

Custom tanks:

  • 180 gallon fresh water

  • 80 gallon gray water

  • 60 gallon black water

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With a bathroom and holding tanks installed, your coach is transformed from a charter bus to an RV Motorhome.

Water Pumps/Expansion Tanks


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One of the most critical parts of your plumbing system is the water pump. You want to make sure that you have a good reliable water pump/expansion tank/manifold system combination. We recommend using two Shur-flo, Flojet, Jabsco, or equivalent pumps. The purpose of two is to assure plenty of pressure to meet your demand needs. The expansion tank and manifold prevents pressure drops when someone is running a shower and someone else flushes a toilet. 


jabsco toilets.jpg (8686 bytes)

This is a subject not talked about in a great deal. The RV industry has come a long way from the small cold plastic toilet to the new modern full sized china toilet. The biggest difference is that these toilets are extremely efficient with flush water. There are several companies now making these fine china toilets, such as Sealand, Jabsco, and Microphor.

Why China is Better than Plastic

Because of its vitreous (glass-like) surface, china fixtures resist staining and keep their luster. Plastic stains more easily, and the stains often cannot be removed.




China can be cleaned with abrasives without getting scratched. Plastic will scratch with abrasive cleansers, causing it to look worn and old.



Neo-Angle Showers


Over the years we've found that Neo-Angle showers are the most efficient use of tight space.

Plumbing System

Over the years, technology has advanced in everything, including simple plumbing. The latest advance in technology is using flexible plumbing lines without elbows that can freeze and not to have any types of connections in your walls. High end homes nowadays are built with a manifold system in the basement, where your hot and cold water come to a distribution box, similar to an electrical circuit breaker. From this manifold system, each line is flexible similar to a garden hose. The piping goes from the manifold to the fixture without any elbows or other connections. Below are images of a manifold and an example of a Hydronic heating floor system that's also available in our bus conversions.

vanguard_manabloc.jpg (20878 bytes)

PEX manifold.jpg (10253 bytes)

Slab on Grade.jpg (7714 bytes)

Manibloc Manifold System

Manifold System

Copper Manifold

Hydronic Floor Heating


PEX is an acronym for cross-linked polyethylene. The "PE" refers to the raw material used to make PEX (Polyethylene), and the "X" refers to the cross-linking of the polyethylene across its molecular chains. The molecular chains are linked into a three-dimensional network that makes PEX remarkably durable within a wide range of temperatures, pressures and chemicals.

There are several different methods used to cross-link polyethylene. It is important to distinguish between the various methods of cross-linking and the PEX products that result. A distinction should be made between PEX produced above the polyethylene crystalline melting temperature, and PEX produced below that temperature. Simply stated, there is a difference between PEX that is cross-linked during extrusion and PEX tubing that is cross-linked in a post-extrusion process.

Because of its -20F and extreme high heat acceptance, this is type of plumbing tubing we have found to be the best.

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