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More information on inverters

There are many inverters on the market for the Motor Coach Industry: Hart Interface, Trace, Freedom, High Surge, and many more. Through our research, we've found one of the leaders in the industry  with competitive pricing is Tripp-Lite and Xantrex. Both catering to the Motor Coach industry needs.   


An inverter is an electronic instrument that will convert 12 V, 24 V, 36 V DC current into 120 V AC current usable by the average household appliance. An average 1000 Watt inverter can price anywhere from $200 - $1500. The choice you have to make is how accurately or true you need a current.

A measurement of a current's accuracy is commonly referred to as a sine wave. A sine wave is nothing more than a visual representation of the electrical cycle. A phrase commonly called a true sine wave means that inverter is exactly duplicating this electrical cycle. A modified sine wave means that electrical cycle is not quite as accurate or as clean as the aforementioned. 

Click here to visit our online catalog for more information. There are many pages of choices and accessories.

Unless you are running extremely sensitive instruments or computer systems in your Coach you will not need a true sine wave inverter. Most of the time, if you're only running a television, refrigerator, dishwasher, fan, lighting, and other light-duty household appliances, a modified sine wave inverter will work just fine.

If you plan on running a computer, simply run your computer through a battery backup. This is what a battery backup is, a small inverter using a battery to invert DC to AC for your laptop or desktop. 

An average inverter in the 1500 Watt area can range from as low as $500 all the way to $2,300 or even more. It all depends on your demand needs and budget range.

"By 1980, the advent of the personal computer had created a need for battery backup AC power to prevent data loss or hardware damage to computers and other sensitive microprocessor-controlled devices".

Tripp-Lite became the first company to manufacture a UPS system (inverter) specifically designed for desktop PCs.

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There are many size generators to choose from. Some do it yourself bus conversion friends have started with a lawnmower engine connected to a small alternator and produce 3kW. Then they move to a portable generator you can buy at Home Depot.  

We've found over the years that a generator in a motor home actually runs more than any portable or contractor's generator. When you pick a power plant, you want to pick one that's designed to run 24/7. The most efficient generator for an RV motor coach would be a diesel generator. Diesel generators do cost a little more up front, but the average one will last four times longer than those that run on other fuels. We've tried them all, and the best system we've come up with is a company in Connecticut that is famous for their durable marine diesel gensets.

Modified A/C Systems

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When looking at air conditioning units, one looks for the best amperage draw compared with the best BTU value, as well as the amount of CFM volume that is exchanged in a given space. It's been proven that the most efficient unit amp/BTUs is a roof top A/C system. A well insulated roof top AC system dispersing air from the top of your Motor Coach compartment is more efficient because the cooler air falls. However, this 8"-12" high box on the roof of a motor home or bus conversion is vulnerable to low objects. Nothing's worse than visiting Grandma and leaving your air conditioner in her driveway. 

There are a lot of names out there: Coleman, Dometic, Duo-Therm, etc. We have found that one of the pioneers in the commercial air conditioning industry is Carrier. This company builds bus air conditioning systems for most American made buses. Carrier recently within the last few years designed a fantastic roof A/C system for Motor Home applications.

The best of both worlds is to have a rooftop unit slid to the back of the bus, then lowered on a shelf just beneath the roof's surface, and then capped with fiberglass. The Walker A/C system has done just that. With the help of Carrier Engineering, we've co-designed a unit that doesn't blow down, but blows forward. We simply install it on a shelf and have it blow directly into an attic/duct-work system. We use three independent zoned and thermostatically controlled units, a total of almost 5 tons. We've found this is more than adequate for domestic use. A passenger bus uses 7 - 9 ton systems, but it also has all windows and 50 people to keep cool with less insulation.

Diesel Fired Heating Systems

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Click here for more information on our Espar heaters

Espar Heater Systems has the most comprehensive range of independent and compact fuel fired Air and Water Heater Products available in today's marketplace. Offering close attention to detail and technical design, Espar leads the industry in Excellence in Supporting Product Applications and Reliability. Espar supplies these auxiliary gas/diesel-fired heaters to the Truck, Bus, Marine, Car and Off-road markets.

We are proud to be a distributor for Espar products 

In-Motion Satellite  Tracking 


The premier in-motion satellite TV antenna for use on North American and European roads

Whether you’re parked for the night or cruising down the highway, TracVision L3 will bring you hundreds of channels of uninterrupted, crystal-clear digital entertainment with CD-quality sound. With TracVision L3, getting there is half the fun.

With its integrated DVB technology, the TracVision L3 is the most versatile and reliable in-motion satellite TV system for people on the road. Ideal for RVs, trucks, and motor coaches, the system automatically identifies, acquires and tracks satellite signals from a range of DIRECTV® and DVB-compatible satellites, without requiring a data connection to the receiver.

In addition, the TracVision L3 is fully compatible with KVH's TracNet™ Mobile Internet Server and exclusive high-speed Internet service. And since all antenna components are housed in the rugged, impact-resistant dome, the TracVision L3 is easy to install and maintain.

Holding Tanks 

Please note: We will be happy to sell you holding tanks, however this is a very light plastic box and quite often can be very expensive to freight. We recommend you call your local farm supply store and ask them about their chemical tanks. These are tanks used by the farming industry to carry chemicals and other liquids. These are the exact same tanks that we have available. Please make sure they are for potable use.

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Heavy Duty, Square-Ended Polyethylene Tanks 
Ribbed for strength with built-in support. 
Gallon indicators on end and side walls. 
UV inhibitors for longer life.

We've used many style holding tanks but the ones we have had the most success with are made of polyethylene plastic. This type has rounded corners and the ability to be strapped down easily. These type of tanks are used heavily in the RV and agriculture industry and are designed to be mounted on tractors, trucks and RV's, so they make great holding tanks.

The average sizes are:
150 gallon for your fresh water  
100 gallon for gray water  
  40 gallon for your black water


You will want to mount your draining systems so you can drain your gray water through the black tank after you have dumped it first; it makes a great rinse system. You also will want to have a way to drain the gray tank first if you need to.

Toolbelt - Animated

 5.7 Extreme Series Shurflo Pump

One of the most critical parts of your Coach plumbing system is the water pump. You want to make sure that you have a good reliable water pump/expansion tank/manifold system combination. We recommend visiting our online catalog to see the many examples of pumps and accessories that we offer.

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Powerful Inverter Converts Vehicle DC Power to Versatile AC!

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Feature state-of-the-art circuitry to handle temporary high surge loads to start and run electric motors, pumps, color TVs and more. Choose the inverter best suited for your power needs! 90% efficient, solid state design means you get the most from your vehicle battery. All inverters automatically shut down if voltage is too high or low, or if they overheat or overload. Our items 45557, 45215 and 45519 plug into 12 Volt cigarette lighter. Other units hardwire directly to your vehicle battery and to your AC/DC control panel. Do not exceed maximum wattage rating for each inverter.


bulletContinuous Output: 3000W


bulletSurge Output: 6000W


bulletInverter: VEC051


bulletPowers: Laptop, Radio, TV, Fax, Desk Fan, Buffer, 1/2 HP Drill,     
          Electric Heater, 1/2 HP Motor, Dishwasher


bulletOutlets: 2 Standard


bulletRemote Switch: N/A


bulletWarranty: 2 Years

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QUIETPACT® 75D 7500 Watt Diesel-Powered RV Generator    #16575

Powers two 13,500 BTU air conditioners with 4000 Watts available for other appliances and lights. The clean sine wave electrical output is compatible with all microwave ovens, computers and battery chargers. Fuel efficiency is a plus with up to 25% savings under full load conditions. A 47% larger radiator core maximizes cooling at elevated temperatures, with more power and less noise. Same footprint and mounting pattern as Onan®. 37.6in. L x 23.8in. W x 22.3in. H.

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