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Raising Roof

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Whenever you buy a commercial passenger coach, there are modifications
you need to make to make it a comfortable private coach.
One of the most popular structural changes to make is raising the roof. 

Why Raise the Roof?

  1. The most popular reason is value. A raised roof coach is easier to sell and
    usually is about $15,000 - $20,000 more value.

  2. Have you ever stood in a passenger coach and looked out the windows?
    You have to lean over to see out.
    By raising the roof 8", you now can be standing and looking out your windows
    without leaning as much.

  3. By raising the roof, this enables you to square off the ceiling so as to give you a square attic for air conditioning
    duct work and more insulation, not to mention access to wiring, recessed lighting, and recessed mirrors. 

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Raising the roof on a bus can be a very dangerous task without the proper skills and equipment.
Be very careful if you do this yourself.
MCI's, in particular, are a  monocoque design, meaning they do not have a center or lower chassis structure.
The roof is actually part of the shell structure integrity. 

Again,... Be careful this can be very  dangerous , not only to property but to your life !!

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