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35' 1990 Neoplan Jetliner

Best Offer Takes it!

Under 200,000 miles

$135,000 invested in factory reconditioning  

Jetliner Private Coach, Display Unit 

Completely Factory Re skinned

Cold Bus A/C 

6V92ta Engine perfect 

740 Allison Automatic

Modern Dash 

Inside empty  and spotless.

This coach has been completely re-skinned and is like new

The interior had a small fire that damaged some furnishings only. The factory has completely removed everything to the walls. No harm has ever been done to the chassis, walls or ceilings. This coach looks and drives like new. No odor, no evidence of any damage what so ever...  

If you are looking for a 35' coach you need to see and drive this one! All work has been done by Neoplan factory.

$70,000 or best offer

  Rear clip was under construction Preparing to install
a 4.5 ton 120volt electric Walker A/C System in  rear clip  

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