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Walker Coach... MCI's 
With the new Rear Clip System

This is a Standard MCI 9 with the older split radiators. 


MCI was the only Bus Manufacturer  that used this type of Split Radiator system,. 

Now the new MCI's are starting to use one larger radiator system like all other Bus manufacturers.

 Walker Coach simply borrowed that better technology...

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More on complete exteriors

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Add the newer more efficient Engines to your MCI 9 and make a lot more room upstairs.

More images below.
Rear Clip Questions and Answers :

These are some of the most popular Walker Coach questions.
 I hope this helps a little ...

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Q: what  is the big advantage to having these new rear clips?
A: In this day and age, most customers are looking for a 45 foot coach. We are creating a competitive chassis for the person searching for a large coach without a large budget. 45 foot coaches start at $100,000.00 for a used one. Ours  start at $25,000.

The main reason people prefer the extra length is to allow more room upstairs. When using an MCI chassis, moving the radiators beneath the floor and out of the passenger compartment adds 3-5 feet. This, in essence, adds almost a complete room to the rear of the coach. Our 45's have more space in the rear then some of the earlier new MCI 45s. Those coaches still had the radiators in the passenger compartment. With the new E model introduced in the late 90s, they began placing the radiators below the floors.

Q: Won't the rear end drag a lot?
A: On a standard motor home rear overhangs average 14 feet. Some are as far out as 16 feet. That is long! Our 45 footer only overhangs approximately 11 feet.  We continue an 11 degree pitch or slant on the rear end. We test our rears on a steep driveway of 12 degrees. If it passes that steep driveway, it will go almost anywhere.

Q: How long is the tail swing on your motor coach?
A: Our tail swing is about 3 to 5 feet longer then a standard coach. It is considered to be very minimal if you compare it to the tail swing of a Vanhool, Prevost or other larger tail swing buses. Don't worry. You should never turn out of the gas station and wipe the pump out.

Q: Can the bus ever sag?
A: NO. Never... Our
Walker Coach rear clip is so heavily reinforced that the shell in that area is twice to almost 3 times what it needs to be for this type of application. Keep in mind, the engine is in the exact same location as it was before we started. We do not move the engine, we only add to the upstairs and reinforce it below. We do, however, add to the roof, the floor and the under super structure. This end section creates a tremendous amount of strength when put together properly. This also allows you to have a one piece large tailgate like other new coaches.

Q: Isn't there a lot of extra strain on the back end?
A: I cannot say there is no strain at all. However, with the structural integrity that we add to create this end section, I can say no, there is not much strain at all where we attach the coach or rear end area.

Q: Is this the only look you offer? The back appears a little too commercial looking.
A:  This particular coach was a prototype rear section for a newer model that we are currently designing. The new exterior copies the new style 2007-2008 models.

Q: Can the polished skins be included in the new part?
A: Yes, when we add a rear clip we can match the style of your shell. If you have painted skins, we can match them. Polished? We match them as well.




The images below are of one of our Walker  Coaches  just delivered.
This is a 40' MCI 9,  stretched to 45 feet but without a raised roof .

Earlier steps at the bottom of this page ....

Walker Coach Steep Driveway Test ..

The rear of our coaches has a standard 10% incline and
the tail swing is less then most
Motor  Homes and less then other standard 45' Motor Coaches ..

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More on complete exteriors

This is a non-raised roof, commercial unit and you can see the visible rivets securing access panels for the A/C system that will be installed later.

Walker Coach motor home has no visible rivets anywhere. 

Yours will have all smooth rear caps.

Other Rear Clips

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Raising the Roof on a MCI 9 

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Below are progression shots of a MCI 9 next to an MCI 102 A-3 with a raised roof, both with the new
Walker Coach, Rear Clip being added. These photos were taken at our R&D shop.

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