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We've noticed that a lot of us are doing more bus shopping now than ever. The world has changed. We now need to be careful and you need to know your seller or be aware of your new vehicle's history. We've been using this company, AutoCheck, for some time now and they are quite reliable. 

There are a few buses that can be rebuilt. It is very difficult to tell if it is a good, used 18 year old coach or an 18 year old coach that someone retitled to be new. There was a group of people recently indicted because they bought some mid-80's Neoplan passenger buses, sent them to South America and rebuilt them (and even did a good job). They brought those units fully converted back here to the US, but they upgraded the title to represent the year they rebuilt the coach. They then sold the coaches as brand new 1995 units, leaving the buyer unaware that they were rebuilt. That's fraud.

By researching your vehicle identification number (VIN), you will have the knowledge of where that bus came from. We don't allow a vehicle to leave our property without at least checking that our customer is receiving something we know something about. Take a look below at Autocheck's site and see what you think. I hope it helps you as much as it has helped us. 


Has your dream vehicle been:
  • Stolen or salvaged?
  • In a flood or hail storm?
  • In an accident or fire?
  • A victim of potential odometer rollback?
  • Rebuilt?
  • Used as a rental or fleet vehicle?
  • A taxi or police car?

Before you take the keys ... do a VIN AutoCheck!