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ALCOA Dura Rims and Wheels


The one thing that really dresses up your bus conversion to make it look expensive is the type of wheels you put on it. We offer the aluminum wheels made by Alcoa or the high-polished,
stainless steel liners to go on your wheels. Some companies even offer refurbished rims.
Either one is a finishing touch to make your bus conversion look very expensive. 



Hub King

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When it comes to the wheels of your coach, it's one of the most important part of your beautiful motor home. There are two basic choices to make these wheels attractive. One is, of course, the all-popular solid aluminum Alcoa rims. The other is a polished stainless steel wheel liner, less than half the price with the same type of beautiful finish. A wheel liner really is a wheel liner, not a hub cap. This stainless steel skin is designed to fit very, very closely to the rims on your bus. We recommend and represent both.

Polished Stainless Steel Wheel Simulators
Sizes to fit 20" to 24.5"
Removable center moon cap
All parts are brightly polished 304 Stainless Steel
Simulator covers entire wheel
Models available to fit 2 or 5 hand hole wheels

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Whenever you buy a used bus, don't trust used bus tires and never use recaps in the front. The popular sizes for buses are 11R22.5, 12R22.5, and some bus owners use truck tires that are 11R or 12R 2400s. Firestone seems to be the leader in the bus tire industry, partially because they lease tires to fleet owners. A lease arrangement means a company rep actually measures the tires monthly and bills the company for the amount of tire used that month. However, this is only good for someone who owns 50-60 buses. When you buy tires, there are many good outlets and manufacturers: Goodyear, Firestone, Bridgestone, Michelin, etc. Don't forget when ordering tires, you have two major manufacturers of rims in this country. One is a Bud rim and the other is Pilot. The New Jersey Transit buses have the Pilot rim system. 

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How to determine
Stud-piloted wheel


Hub-piloted Mounting System

-Wheel Centers on Hub-Pilots-



1. Hub-piloted wheels use 2-piece flange nuts.



2. Non-Chamfered (non-beveled) bolt holes identify a hub-piloted wheel.



  • Elimination of bolt hole chamfer wear
  • Greater clamping force for a given torque
  • Reduction in nut wear and nut replacement
  • Elimination of left hand threaded hardware
  • More consistent nut torque retention
  • Elimination of inner cap nuts




Stud-piloted Mounting System

-Wheel Centers on Studs-






1. Stud-piloted wheels use nuts with ball seat.



2. Inner cap nuts are used to locate inner dual in dual wheel assembly.



3. Chamfered (beveled) bolt holes identify a stud-piloted wheel.



  • Standard mounting system in industry
  • Inner dual secured independently
  • Doesn't require lubrication



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